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Who Are We?

HPG is a business improvement district that assists commercial property owners whom fall within specific "boundaries" created when it originated in 1997.

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Hornell Partners for Growth proudly represents the local business owners within the business improvement district.

Local Happenings

HPG sponsored events as well as the Community Calendar can be found here.

What we do

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What is Hornell Partners for Growth

HPG is a business improvement district that requires that commercial business property owners pay a "levy" on their taxes for this non-profit organization to exist, those property owners fall within a specific district that had its "boundaries" created when it originated in 1997.

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About Hornell Partners for Growth

Membership is only available for local businesses located inside the Business Improvement District.***Commercial space inside a specific area of the City of Hornell is required. HPG is restricted to Hornell only.

From the HPG Business Improvement
District Manager

To the business tenants and commercial property owners: Please call upon us and tell us what you like, don't like, or want to see, and you will see action and communication - after all you are the reason this great organization exists!

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"It's great to be able to know what's going on in Hornell through this page, not everyone gets the paper or works at a place where you can listen to the local station to know what's going on....keep up the good work!!" Mary Catherine Hyatt
"Keeps me informed about things going on and has even opened my eyes to a few businesses in Hornell I didn't know about and I have lived around here my whole life!!" Samantha Zschoche
"You are the pulse of Hornell and surrounding areas. This site is so very informational. Thank you for sharing!!" Judith Green
"It's terrific to have such a great avenue to connect to what is going on in Hornell! Keep up the good work!" Karen Patterson

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